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me llamo 

Skin may hold thick, shielding us from the exterior, yet it is sensitive to our environments.

Ideally, Film captures similar qualities.

Film holds memories that are tangible and stored forever, regardless its fragility.


I took this opportunity to explore my body of work, my aesthetic, and overall myself as an Artist.

With ongoing personal complications, this process helped guide me to create a series of work dealing with Identity.

Shooting with medium format film uncovered great detail, scars, and beauty mark that define myself as the focus of identification and change.

I realized, film also plays a huge part of my aesthetic alongside personal appreciation.

Developing film acts as a healing process, recentering my thoughts and lecturing me with patience.

Exposing myself to others during a current vulnerable state, may be my next challenge.


My Name Is, Lee Oscar Gomez

A reclaiming Indigenous, Mexican, Chicanx, Latinx, Queer, Non-Binary, Fine Art Photographer.


Me llamo,

Lee Oscar Gomez

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