Portrait of Lee Oscar Gomez

Immigrated from Mexico at an early age, Lee Oscar Gomez developed a subtle awareness of the cultural differences they were introduced to, living in the greater L.A. area. With a strong embodiment of record keeping, artist Gomez was influenced by their mother to capture all their experiences in a foreign land. Lee Oscar Gomez operates and manipulates their fascination with light in a documentation approach, to demonstrate political, visual images. Topics of gender, sexuality, belonging and self identity are translated through photographic displays of street photography and constructed studio shots. With analog film processes, Gomez captures warmth and sensitivity to these topics as a form of radically archiving. Lee Oscar Gomez obtained their Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from San José State University, in 2019. With the hope of inspiring young artists, Gomez strives to communicate the importance of light and its ability to radiate clarity and truth.